Waka Photos is a premium photographic and media agency based in Vanuatu. We house the single largest collection of contemporary Pacific photos in the world, drawn from the archives of the best photographers in the Pacific region.

Floyd Takeuchi, Ben Bohane and Phillipe Metois decided to bring their work together under one roof and establish the first ever Pacific photo agency. They all live in the islands and have archives going back decades.

This unique collection goes beyond the usual galleries of tropical sunsets, to focus more on the reality of life in the Pacific islands; from serene daily life, to conflict and crisis, to kastom rituals and modern business. The site is updated regularly to highlight both news photos as big stories break, together with more considered features and photo essays to bring a deeper understanding of Pacific life. We have images of the key personalities, political leaders and the history of these island states.

Our content is aimed at the discerning photo editor and art director looking for something more than stock. Our basic terms for licencing single-use images are USD 99 for online only and USD 150 for online and print.

Waka Photos also offers raw video and dynamic multimedia shows to showcase its stories more fully. We are building a considerable video library and accessing important historical images from key museums and institutions around the region.

Waka Photos has an in-house design and corporate wing that can help assemble a range of services for businesses seeking everything from annual reports to advertising campaigns.

Oceania represents fully one-third of earth’s surface, home to 40 million people living in shimmering islands and atolls across the Pacific, including Australia and New Zealand. It remains the most under-reported region of the world but is growing in strategic and economic importance in the 21st century, which has been called The Pacific Century. Waka Photos has a ringside seat as the world refocuses on this region.

We are available for both editorial and corporate assignments using our coconut network across Melanesia, Polynesia, Micronesia, Australia and New Zealand.

Waka means canoe in many Pacific languages; it is a word that unites the region and refers not just to ocean-going voyages, but a vessel that can be upturned on land and turned into sacred storage and shelter.

Waka Photos was launched in 2012 by its partners Ben Bohane, Philippe Metois and Floyd Takeuchi.